Tabular Keyboard Shortcuts

New Document ⌘N
Open Document ⌘O
Close Tab or Window ⌘W
Save Document ⌘S
Export Document ⇧⌘E
Print ⌘P
Undo ⌘Z
Redo ⇧⌘F
Minimize ⌘M
Preferences ⌘,
Quit ⌘Q
Go to Library ⌘1
Go to Score ⌘2
Select Previous Tab ⌃⇧Tab
Select Next Tab ⌃Tab
Select Previous Track ⌥⌘↑
Select Next Track ⌥⌘↓
Jump to Selection ⌘J
Managing UI
Toggle Instrument View ⌘I
Managing Documents and Tracks
Edit Current Document ⌘E
New Track ⌘T
Edit Current Track ⌥⌘T
Duplicate Current Track ⌃⇧⌘D
Delete Current Track ⌃⇧⌘⌫
Play ⌘↩
Toggle Metronome ⌃M
Toggle Count-In ⌃C
Toggle Playback Marker Following ⌃F
Show Practice / Looping Settings ⌃L
Moving the Selection
Move to Previous Division
Move to Next Division
Move to Previous String
Move to Next String
Move to Previous String ⇧↩
Move to Next String
Move to Previous Measure ⌥←
Move to Next Measure ⌥→
Move to Previous Row ⌥↑
Move to Next Row ⌥↓
Move to Beginning of Row ⌘←
Move to End of Row ⌘→
Move to Beginning of Score ⌘↑
Move to End of Score ⌘↓
Resizing the Selection
Resize Selection to the Left ⇧←
Resize Selection to the Right ⇧→
Resize Selection Upward ⇧↑
Resize Selection Downward ⇧↓
Resize Selection to Previous Measure ⌥⇧←
Resize Selection to Next Measure ⌥⇧→
Resize Selection to Previous Row ⌥⇧↑
Resize Selection to Next Row ⌥⇧↓
Resize Selection to Beginning of Row ⇧⌘←
Resize Selection to End of Row ⇧⌘→
Resize Selection to Beginning of Score ⇧⌘↑
Resize Selection to End of Score ⇧⌘↓
Select All ⌘A
Expand Selection ⌥⌘A
Adding and Removing Divisions and Measures
Insert Division or Measure1 Space
Insert Measure ⇧⌘M
Delete Selected Divisions ⌘⌫
Delete Selected Measures ⇧⌘⌫
Adding and Removing Notes
Set Fret Number 0-9
Add O Percussion Note O
Add X Percussion Note X
Add @ Percussion Note ⇧2
Remove Selected Notes
Convert Selection to Rests R
Adjusting Selected Notes
Decrease Pitch by Semitone ⌘-
Increase Pitch by Semitone ⌘=
Decrease Pitch by Octave ⇧⌘-
Increase Pitch by Octave ⇧⌘=
Move Selected Notes Up One String [
Move Seleted Notes Down One String ]
Setting Durations and Dynamics
Set Whole Note Duration W
Set Half Note Duration H
Set Quarter Note Duration Q
Set Eighth Note Duration E
Set Sixteenth Note Duration S
Decrement Duration -
Increment Duration =
Toggle Dotted Duration .
Toggle Triplet Duration /
Copy and Paste
Cut ⌘X
Copy ⌘C
Multitrack Cut ⌥⌘X
Multitrack Copy ⌥⌘C
Paste After Selection ⌘V
Paste Before Selection ⌥⌘V
Paste Over ⇧⌘V
Duplicating, Splitting and Merging
Duplicate Divisions ⌘D
Duplicate Measures ⇧⌘D
Split Divisions ⌘L
Merge Backward ⌘R
Merge Forward ⌥⌘R
Time Signature Change ⇧T
Tempo Change ⇧M
Swing ⇧/
Open Repeat ⇧[
Alternate Ending ⇧E
Close Repeat ⇧[
Section '
Double Bar ⇧\
Staccato ⇧S
Accent A
Heavy Accent ⇧A
Legato L
Slide ⇧L
Slide In From Below I
Slide In From Above ⇧I
Slide Out Downward O
Slide Out Upward ⇧O
Vibrato V
Vibrato Bar ⇧B
Fade In ⇧,
Fade Out ⇧.
Strum Down D
Strum Up U
Pickstroke Down ⇧D
Pickstroke Up ⇧U
Tremolo Pick M
Grace Note ⇧G
Palm Mute P
Let Ring ⇧R
Chord Chart ⇧C
Comment C
Tied Note T
Ghost Note G
Dead Note X
Bend B
Harmonic ⇧H

1 If the measure is not yet full, this will insert a division into the measure. Otherwise it will insert a new measure.