Keyboard Shortcuts

New Document⌘N
Open Document⌘O
Close Tab or Window⌘W
Close All Tabs⌥⌘W
Save Document⌘S
Save All Documents⌥⌘S
Duplicate Document⇧⌘S
Export Document⇧⌘E
Hide Tabular⌘H
Hide Others⌥⌘H
Go to Library⌘1
Go to Score⌘2
Select Previous Tab⌥⌘←
Select Next Tab⌥⌘→
Select Previous Track⌥⌘↑
Select Next Track⌥⌘↓
Jump to Selection⌘J
Managing UI
Toggle Track List⌥⌘T
Toggle Fretboard⌘F
Toggle Fullscreen⌃⌘F
Managing Documents and Tracks
Edit Current Document⌘E
New Track⌘T
Edit Current Track⇧⌘T
Duplicate Current Track⌥⇧⌘T
Delete Current Track⌥⇧⌘⌫
Toggle Metronome⌃M
Toggle Count-In⌃C
Toggle Looping⌃L
Toggle Playback Marker Following⌃F
Adjust Tempo Multiplier⌥⇧M
Moving the Selection
Move to Previous Division
Move to Next Division
Move to Previous String
Move to Next String
Move to Previous String⇧↩
Move to Next String
Move to Previous Measure⌥←
Move to Next Measure⌥→
Move to Previous Row⌥↑
Move to Next Row⌥↓
Move to Beginning of Row⌘←
Move to End of Row⌘→
Move to Beginning of Score⌘↑
Move to End of Score⌘↓
Resizing the Selection
Resize Selection to the Left⇧←
Resize Selection to the Right⇧→
Resize Selection Upward⇧↑
Resize Selection Downward⇧↓
Resize Selection to Previous Measure⌥⇧←
Resize Selection to Next Measure⌥⇧→
Resize Selection to Previous Row⌥⇧↑
Resize Selection to Next Row⌥⇧↓
Resize Selection to Beginning of Row⇧⌘←
Resize Selection to End of Row⇧⌘→
Resize Selection to Beginning of Score⇧⌘↑
Resize Selection to End of Score⇧⌘↓
Select All⌘A
Expand Selection⇧⌘A
Adding and Removing Divisions and Measures
Insert Division or Measure1Space
Insert Division to the RightTab
Insert Division to the Left⇧Tab
Insert Measure⇧⌘M
Delete Selected Divisions⌘⌫
Delete Selected Measures⇧⌘⌫
Adding and Removing Notes
Set Fret Number20-9
Add O Percussion NoteO
Add O Percussion Note with Accent⇧O
Add X Percussion NoteX
Add X Percussion Note with Accent⇧X
Add @ Percussion Note⇧2
Remove Selected Notes
Convert Selection to RestsR
Adjusting Selected Notes
Decrease Pitch by Semitone⌘-
Increase Pitch by Semitone⌘=
Decrease Pitch by Octave⇧⌘-
Increase Pitch by Octave⇧⌘=
Move Selected Notes Up One String-
Move Seleted Notes Down One String=
Setting Durations and Dynamics
Set Whole Note DurationW
Set Half Note DurationH
Set Quarter Note DurationQ
Set Eighth Note DurationE
Set Sixteenth Note DurationS
Decrement Duration[
Increment Duration]
Toggle Dotted Duration
Toggle Triplet Duration/
Decrement Dynamics⌘[
Increment Dynamics⌘]
Copy and Paste
Multitrack Cut⇧⌘X
Multitrack Copy⇧⌘C
Paste Before Selection⌘V
Paste After Selection⇧⌘V
Paste Over⌥⌘V
Duplicating, Splitting and Merging
Duplicate Divisions⌘D
Duplicate Measures⇧⌘D
Split Divisions⌘L
Merge Backward⌘R
Merge Forward⇧⌘R
Time Signature Change⇧T
Tempo Change⇧M
Clef Change⇧C
Key Signature Change⇧K
Triplet Feel⇧/
Open Repeat⇧[
Alternate Ending⇧E
Close Repeat⇧[
Double Bar⇧\
Heavy Accent⇧A
Slide In From BelowI
Slide In From Above⇧I
Slide Out DownwardO
Slide Out Upward⇧O
Vibrato Bar⇧B
Fade In⇧,
Fade Out⇧.
Strum DownD
Strum UpU
Pickstroke Down⇧D
Pickstroke Up⇧U
Tremolo PickM
Grace Note⇧G
Palm MuteP
Let Ring⇧R
Chord ChartC
Force Stems Up⌥⇧U
Force Stems Down⌥⇧D
Tied NoteT
Ghost NoteG
Dead NoteX
Natural Harmonic⇧H

1 If the measure is not yet full, this will insert a division into the measure. Otherwise, if the selection is at the end of the score, this will insert a measure, and if the selection is anywhere else, this will move the selection to the right.

2 For a double-digit number, hold the first number and then press the second. If both digits are the same, tap the number twice.